One Finish Skin-detox
ワンフィニッシュ 片手で簡単うぶげとり



商品名 ワンフィニッシュ 片手で簡単うぶげと One Finish Skin-detox
区分 化粧雑貨 toilet sundries
ABS, stainless steel
使用方法 本体を持ち、スプリング部分を肌に軽く当てます。スプリングを閉じうぶ毛を挟んだ後、ゆっくり肌から離してください。広い面のケアはスプリングの面を肌に押しあて、狭い部位のケアはスプリンの先端を肌に押しあてるようお使いください。抜けたうぶ毛が付着した場合はティッシュ等で拭きとるか、濡らしたタオルで拭きとった後、水分をよく拭きとり乾かして保管してください。
Hold the unit and gently place the spring part against the skin. Close the spring and pinch the hairs, then slowly pull the spring away from the skin. For large areas, press the spring against the skin; for small areas, press the tip of the spring against the skin. Wipe off any loose hairs with a tissue or wet towel, then wipe dry and store in a dry place.
使用上・保管上の注意 ■肌に異常を感じた場合は直ちにご使用をお止め下さい。

■If you notice any skin problems, stop use immediately.
Before use, keep skin clean and dry.
Avoid using cosmetics or lotion immediately after use as the skin is sensitive.
Make sure there is no swelling, eczema or other skin problems before using cosmetics or lotion.
Do not pull out lashes.
Do not use if you have any of the following conditions.
People who have had problems with their skin due to hair removal.
People with metal allergies.
People with weak skin or those whose skin immunity is weakened due to menstruation or pregnancy.
Precautions for use.
Take care to avoid contact with the eyes.
If you are allergic to metal, please consult your doctor before use.
Do not grip so tightly that the body is distorted.
Do not use the product for any purpose other than its original use.

Keep out of the reach of children.
製造国 made in japan
JANコード 4589923572505