商品名 SWEET HONEY スゥィートハニー
区分 栄養補助食品 nutritional supplement
内容量 9.0g(300mg×30粒)
成分 プエラリアミリフィカ、植物精製加工油脂、白こしょう、ウコン末、たんぽぽ末、バジル末、フェンネル、くすの木末、やまいも末、セルロース、微粒酸化ケイ素
Pueraria mirifica, refined processed vegetable oils and fats, white pepper, turmeric powder, dandelion powder, basil powder, fennel, kusunoki powder, yam powder, cellulose, micro silicon oxide.
使用方法 栄養補助食品として1日1粒を目安に水またはぬるま湯などでお召し上がりください。
As a dietary supplement, take one tablet per day with water or lukewarm water.
The diet should be based on a balance of staple food, main and side dishes,
Avoid excessive intake.
使用上・保管上の注意 ※安易な摂取や過剰摂取は控えること

*Refrain from easy ingestion or overdose.
Pregnant and lactating women and children should refrain from taking this product.
In the event of any health problems, stop taking the product immediately and seek medical attention.
Do not take this product if you are a small child.
If you are taking medication or are undergoing a hospital visit, consult your doctor before use.
If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please refer to the ingredients label.
Pregnant or lactating women should refrain from using this product.
製造国 made in japan
JANコード 4560323730023